Want help quitting smoking

Here is a letter from a reader:

I wish i could just quit smoking cigarettes. How can I do?

Here is my reply:

It sounds like you are having a surge of willpower right now. The best thing to do when you are in one of those states is to use it to change your environment. Use your energy right now to set up your surroundings so that it will be easier stay smoke free when your willpower isn’t as strong.

You are doing that by getting all the smoke stuff out of where you live. Now make a plan for the first 4 days of quitting. Try to think of all the situations where you normally smoke. Now plan to avoid those situations for the first 4 days. If you can’t avoid them, try to bring someone or something with you to those situations that will help you keep your intention.

For example, if you always smoke in your car. First, clean your car completely and make it feel like it is a new car – someone else’s car even. So that you feel a little uneasy about smoking in it. Then make a plan to listen to only the type of music while riding in your car that will either take your mind off smoking or give you the energy to not light up. Or make a plan of who you are going to call while you are riding in your car who will help you keep to your goal. Plan it out now so you don’t even have to think about it when the time comes.

Use your willpower right now to do this for every situation you can think of. And also feel good, knowing that we are pulling for you.

Here is how I think habitual things work and how to avoid it:

1-use post-its to warn you about not to smoke; put them everywhere; it really works.
2-Smoking is a habit but there is the biological part; so give yourself some time to get rid of the toxins, etc. It won’t be easy, but at the end you’ll feel purified.
3-I have friends who quit smoking, instantly, one of them is my lover; and one of them is a friend who hasn’t been smoking for 2 months; keep away from it.
4-As the post above says; make some changes in your environment; and purify your surroundings, use post-its!!!

Writing down your decisions really help; don’t forget; if you keep reminding yourself, your brain at last will accept it.