Understanding French Menus

When new people want to try new things, there is nothing as rewarding as the experience of a French restaurant. Believe me, the French take a pride in their cooking.


Crepes are a real tradition in France, and here they range in varieties from savory crepes made with brown flour, through to the sweeter crepes, served up with Chantilly cream and bananas, chocolate sauces, or your choice of filling. Crepes are a national recipe, and the French excel at making them inventive to the extent that some restaurants in rural France challenge people that want to come and eat to providing inventive fillings for their own original crepes.

A La Carte menus

Here, the customer gets the choice of what is on the menu. It may seem a strange concept that there is any other kind of eating, but believe me, there is. Most French restaurants do a set menu, though the A La Carte menu lets you choose from an exciting range, each restaurant trying to outdo the next. Steaks are traditionally served red, so if you like your steak well cooked be sure to ask for it. Wines to complement the meal are not always easy to choose, and here a good French restaurant will have knowledge of those wines which go with the meal.

Set menus

Set menu restaurants provide a set menu of up to 5 courses at a very reasonable price, and here the French excel, simply because the standard and quantity and value for money are unbeatable. Cooking in this fashion French restaurants are able to offer superb value, with starters, appetizers, main meal, salads, cheeses and dessert. These are the best meals on a day to day basis and I would challenge anyone to provide such quality food at such a price.

Nouveau cuisine 

The nouveau cuisine movement in Paris and elsewhere is fashionable eating at fashionable prices. Believe me, the experience is worth a try, though on a regular basis would be far too expensive. Chefs use inventive ideas to present your food, and what is interesting here is that in between courses you are invited to try little nibbles that the chef has invented and wants feedback on. The nibbles are free, the food isn’t generous and in general although the experience is a fun one, you really don’t get value for money. You do get good original quality, all laid out wonderfully, and there is a certain air of snobbery in nouveau cuisine restaurants, but it makes for a talking point for the next year, which probably justifies the expense.

Farm food

The traditional recipes such as Pot of Fire or a vegetable stew are extremely well cooked, and delicious. These restaurants offer the client traditional recipes at affordable prices, and if you want to try the local delicacies, these really are super restaurants that are proud of their local fresh food and traditional secrets.

A French restaurant doesn’t have to be boring. In France there are many restaurants, and the choice is enormous, and if asked to compare the restaurants in France with the alternative of food choices, then check that the chef is french and if he is, sit back and enjoy your meal.