laughter is freedom


I invite an abundance of laughter into my life… I love to laugh and revel in the uninhibited joy that comes with it!

Background Information:

Sometimes I feel I take life too seriously. Also, my ‘big fear’ (now a small, insignificant fear) inhibited my natural joy and ability to laugh at myself. I am now ready to ENJOY the JOY!

Laughter is the symptom of happiness and joy. Laughter is like a big neon flashing sign telling us “This is what life is about – allow more of this! Make this a priority.”

And laughter is available to all of us, right now. It doesn’t require you to first “get that new job” or “find the perfect spouse” or “lose 30 pounds” and then you can experience laughter.

That just sounds silly, but yet so many people think those same thoughts about happiness. “If I could just get out of credit card debt, then I’d be happy.”

Nonsense! In fact, it is the exact opposite.

Be happy now, laugh now and the desire to have things you can’t afford wil go away and your debt along with it.

Be happy now, laugh now and the need to “satisfy” yourself with food will go away and your extra pounds along with it.

This is a wonderful intention. I know you will allow it to be.