Is Farmville Healthy?

Have You ever been looking on Facebook and you see an add and you wonder why would you do such a thing? Well that’s what I used to think about the popular Facebook application Farmville. So one day when I had some free time I visited it. I started around 2:00. i made my own person and fiddled around with my new farm. I had a blast! The next time I looked at the clock it was 5:30! Right then i realized what Farmville really was. A time waster. Sure it was fun but was it really worth it? No.

It was extremely unhealthy. I figure if I take care of my crops, animals, trees and if I help my friends and send them presents, find cheats I could be on for a total of 5 hours all together if I kept coming back. And our kids could probably find ways to make it longer. You could easily get addicted like any other video games.

So now I’m back to thinking, “Why would I do such a thing?”

Yep they are targeting the same type of people that are lacking things in their life. I stay clear of facebook and half my family back east plays that darn game. I have not played it or even been on facebook and only joined to stop the spamming join requests. I am steering way clear of any games or social networks as much as possible. Especially in the new year. There are too many REAL things in life to miss out on to continue to veg in front of the computer. Save the time for when your a computerized brain in a jar at 2025 and can’t get up and run around. I hope to eventually weed out the internet almost completely.