Debate on Organic versus Conventional Produce

It’s obviously being used as nothing more than a marketing term.

All plant life is organic.

All plant fertilizers, whether labeled organic or not, contain the same raw “minerals/nutrients” in general, just in different concentrations, and some add more trace, or micro nutrients, or carbohydrates to speed up metabolic rates, ect. for a price.

NONE contain chemicals, as I’m sure it’s quite illegal to sell any sort under the guise of saying plants feed on them when they don’t and regulator administrations that are a must wouldn’t let that fly for anything to go onto the market.

I’m still looking into the regulation of labeling food organic since there is no such thing as an inorganic vegetable.

This is why recent testing has shown organic food to only contain less pesticides, and not none.
No matter what any plant is sprayed with, chemical or not, it is still defined as organic.

This is a big play for marketing from farmers, and quite frankly I don’t blame them, or think it’s that big a deal.

Aside from the fact we do need better regulation of the amounts of pesticides used(commercial farming is not considered profitable enough to be done without any spraying at all), and the distinction when labeled for sale.
There is no difference between what the plants feed on from one farm to another.

They’ll only feed on the same raw nutrients no matter what medium they are growing in much less location.
If they are not present they don’t grow well, if at all.

If it looks healthy it was grown well, if not look longer for one that does.:) Far as taste goes, remember where you get your tasties, it will vary from farm to farm, and be dictated by many many variables, just as wines do due to soil, as well as feeds, and even harvest production, and shipping techniques.

Otherwise there is no difference on a biological level.

Since sprayed or not the produce is still definable as organic, my opinion is that there is no legal way to regulate the use of it in relevance to what we want to know.

The pesticides are the big problem with our food supply, and the only real one it has IMO.
This can also be avoided by going small/local farming, grow your own, or start calling around to civil servants until the message of regulating pesticides better gets out, and followed through on.

This is a little scattered s far as writing, I’m sure, but the subject really does involve a lot from organic chem and biology to legalese around terms and uses of such terms ect.

Fight for less pesticides, shop local, and remember where you get your faves, is about all I can figure to do myself for now with commercial food.

Happy health all, and I hope some of this was of help to ppl.:)

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