Dealing With Loestrin 24 Breakthrough Bleeding

Loestrin 24 is a random medical condition of breakthrough bleeding that a patient may face, while she is taking Loestrin 24 or any other kind of birth control pills.

This condition normally occurs when the patient is using this medicine for first time, or is making a switch from one brand of birth control pill to another.

Loestrin 24 is a light dose birth control pill widely consumed by women around the world. It helps in birth control and makes sure you don’t have to worry about any blood tests. It is also important to understand that these pills do not protect from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

This kind of bleeding is normally not a reason for any concern as it is quite natural and it naturally stops after two or three months of usage. The occurrence of Breakthrough Bleeding depends on either the brand of the medicine, body chemistry or the method in which it is consumed. Thus, the way a patient’s body or rather the hormones in her body react to the medicine, also decides the aftermaths.

The bleeding can occur whether you are taking Loestrin for birth control reasons or for managing your periods. In any case, it is not a cause of a major concern.

Loestrin 24 Fe has nothing to do with actual period. This medical condition is just about your body adjusting to new hormones and it has absolutely nothing to do with your regular period. It is by no means a sign of illness.

It is also important to understand that you should not stop taking Loestrin just because the bleeding has occurred, because this can only worsen the situation. The bleeding is one of the main reasons why patients quit taking birth control pills, but medically it is advised not to do so.

One way to stop or minimize the Loestrin 24 breakthrough bleeding is to start taking pills at the same time when the bleeding occurs. The effect can be seen only after 24 hours.. You should not expect the bleeding to stop right away after taking the pill!