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Restaurant Reviews Amaro Merida Mexico

Amaro is a lovely restaurant in the old part of Merida in the Yucatan in Mexico. You eat in the courtyard of an 18th century colonial style house; it is located just one block from the more expensive main plaza and just off of the lively Calle 60 (with lots of bars and live music […]

Hairstyles for Double Chin

There are some hairstyles for double chin that can help you deal with this beauty issue. However, they won’t take the double chin away but they will make it less noticeable. The most important thing is to avoid your hairstyle to fall at the jaw or chin because this will draw attention to your double […]

Tramadol – the perfect painkiller

Today, Tramadol which is a pill imprinted with an 627 is one of the most commonly prescribed medications used for relieving different types of pain. Its mechanism of action is quite similar to that of narcotic painkillers, however without the sedative and narcotic effects that makes Tramadol a very safe medication. When you take Tramadol […]