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Debate on Organic versus Conventional Produce

It’s obviously being used as nothing more than a marketing term. All plant life is organic. All plant fertilizers, whether labeled organic or not, contain the same raw “minerals/nutrients” in general, just in different concentrations, and some add more trace, or micro nutrients, or carbohydrates to speed up metabolic rates, ect. for a price. NONE […]

Get to know all the benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen consists of plant Pollen Collected worker Bees in conjunction with the nectar of plants and bees saliva. It Collected from Bees Laden with a Special device Placed at the Entrance to the Hive. The device is designed to brush the material from the feet of bees. The pollen is considered to rejuvenate the […]

Losing Weight with Mirena IUD

One major Mirena side effect is excessive weight gain. Like most IUD’s, weight gain is an effect that the hormones have on the body. This is uncontrollable if one does not exercise and eat properly. A proper diet and weight training regime is necessary to keep your body health. There are various weight loss supplements […]

South Beach Diet vs Weight Watchers Which One is For You

Evaluating the South Beach diet from the Weight Watchers diet strategy is a job that is difficult mainly because these two diet plans are really so popular. Anybody who’s contemplating each one of the weight loss plans will probably attain a modicum of weight loss and is unquestionably in the correct track. Both diet plans […]

I can’t believe this, but I’m a little obsessed with Brussels sprouts right now

A few months ago, my mom made Brussels sprouts and made me swear I’d try them. I felt like I was ten years old. Except that when I was ten, I didn’t have to try Brussels sprouts. Maybe since I am a lot less picky than I was when I was a kid at the […]

The Way I See It…Breakfast in 2020

The recent newscasts regarding surging food costs and global food scarcity reminded me of an editorial I wrote for Nutrition Close-Up in the fall of 2000. I think it’s time to read part of it again. I dream that in year 2020, I stopped for a quick breakfast of egg and sausage on an English […]

Just the Facts…Cholesterol, Statins and Sarcopenia

Sometimes studies surprise me showing effects that one would never predict. These really are the most interesting studies because they open up wealth of research opportunities. One such study is the report of Reichman et al. (J Gerontol 2007; 62A:1164-1171) showing that dietary and serum cholesterol contribute to the skeletal muscles’ response to resistance exercise […]

Natural Diuretics For Edema

Substances that supplement “diuresis, ” or perhaps the taking away of fluids on the body by urination, are usually considered diuretics. More commonly known as “water capsules ,” it may perhaps be prescription or otc drugs. They may also be homeopathic treatments or foodstuff that assistance to prevent or perhaps treat substance retention. I suggest […]