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The Hallmark Signs and Symptoms of Blue Waffle Disease

Sexually transmitted diseases have come to be one of the worst diseases to ever shake the society these days. The numerous numbers of people who have been irresponsible in sexual practices have come to be the ones who are susceptible to this kind of infection. Blue waffle disease has joined the team of sexually transmitted […]

Tonsillitis- an Infection of Part of Your Immune System

Back in the day, when a child developed a case of tonsillitis, or an inflammation of the tonsils caused by a viral or bacterial infection, the treatment was simple; they came out. Fast forward to the present time and you will find doctors reluctant to treat tonsillitis by removing the culprits, opting instead to treat […]

Athlete’s Foot & Blisters on Feet

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the skin, usually found on the feet in between the toes, that creates lesions and blisters on feet that are painful and bothersome. Athlete’s foot usually comes with the flaking, scaling and itching of the skin in the infected part of the feet. What causes athlete’s foot? The main cause […]

Dealing With Loestrin 24 Breakthrough Bleeding

Loestrin 24 is a random medical condition of breakthrough bleeding that a patient may face, while she is taking Loestrin 24 or any other kind of birth control pills. This condition normally occurs when the patient is using this medicine for first time, or is making a switch from one brand of birth control pill […]

Staph infections in nose

Staph infections caused by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of bacteria commonly found on skin or in the nose even in healthy individuals. These bacteria do not cause serious problems and result in only a relatively minor skin infections. But if the bacteria invade deeper into your body, enters the bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or heart […]

Double Your Vertical Leap

In the attempt to increase one’s vertical jump, many have failed for not knowing some of the basic yet proven to be rewarding ways of increasing jumping ability. If you wish to double your vertical leap, it is only proper to know the skills needed, how they are attained, and what can keep you from […]