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A look at how People around the World Prepare Insects to Eat

In some cultures, a fly in one’s soup would elicit compliments, not criticism. There are regions where a cricket in the house is not only good luck, but a good snack. Insects that would have someone clambering to the safety of a chair in one country would make stomachs eagerly growl in another. Here’s a […]

Best Things about Tacos is you can get truly Creative with the Fillings

Tacos are a fun and versatile food. You can easily get most, if not all, of the main food groups into one serving. Traditionally, the most popular version of tacos are filled with ground beef, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, however it is not uncommon to hear of ground turkey, chicken, or fish tacos as well. […]

Understanding French Menus

When new people want to try new things, there is nothing as rewarding as the experience of a French restaurant. Believe me, the French take a pride in their cooking. Crepes Crepes are a real tradition in France, and here they range in varieties from savory crepes made with brown flour, through to the sweeter […]

Texas Dinner Party

Texans do everything big. Big hats, big belt buckles, big tires on our trucks, and of course food is no exception. Texans love their food, and love sharing it too. There is something wonderful about having great friends over to share a table full of fresh food on a warm Texas evening. No matter if […]

Texas Food

Texans love our “cookin’”. In the spirit of “everything being bigger”, we have one of the widest varieties of cuisine anywhere. Cultural influences from all over Europe, the Southern States, Mexico, and increasingly more and more Asian cultures help shape a culinary tradition wider than a West Texas sunset. There are the Texan staples of […]

Restaurant Reviews Elachi Indian Restaurant Doncaster UK

It has to be said, Armthorpe despite being the birth place of Kevin Keegan, is a rather less salubrious part of Doncaster when compared to say, Bessacarr or Bawtry. That’s not being mean, just realistic, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see Elachi with its smoked-glass windows and ultra-modern interior nestling alongside a dreary-looking shopping […]

Restaurant Review of Galeria Bali Warsaw

Over the last couple of weeks it has been so humid in Warsaw I haven’t really felt like cooking any food at all so we have been living off various types of salads. On Friday evening my husband decided to be adventurous and booked a table for two at an Indonesian restaurant on ul. Jasna. […]

In new York City there is a Famous Curry House Called Brick Lane that Serves very Hot Curries

Basically, this recipe is for the infamous “Chicken Phall” well-known at the Brick Lane restaurant in New York; designed to set your mouth on fire! Gather these ingredients: Onion Diced chicken Scotch bonnets Habaneros A mixture of normal chilies and peppers Tomatoes Ketchup Puree Careful chopping up the Scotch Bonnets because just the vapor will […]

Restaurant Reviews Amaro Merida Mexico

Amaro is a lovely restaurant in the old part of Merida in the Yucatan in Mexico. You eat in the courtyard of an 18th century colonial style house; it is located just one block from the more expensive main plaza and just off of the lively Calle 60 (with lots of bars and live music […]

A Great Daytime Cafe in Southsea

Vying as it does with three other small restaurants on Southsea’s Marmion Road, Lou Lou’s is one that I had previously wanted to visit because of its apparent French feel. I hadn’t done so, however, as I always seem to be in the area at lunchtime and Lou Lou’s is inevitably crowded, with very little […]