Beck Diet Review

If you think thin, you’ll get thin. That’s essence of the Beck Diet plan.

Get serious.

Beck’s diet relies upon cognitive behavioral therapy. Premised on the idea that you are what you think, the diet ignores what we truly face trying to do long-term weight loss (here are other Reviews of Nutrisystem ). That includes more than thinking. Try a low carb diet, for example, and your body starts physically craving carbs or you lose your appetite after eating that 50th piece of chicken with an unappetizing salad. Conversely, try a high carb, low fat diet, and your body goes on a sugar rollercoaster ride.

Are thoughts part of weight loss? Of course.

Sadness, depression, boredom, happiness, etc. can all be triggers or excuses for a binge.

Yet changing thoughts isn’t a magic solution to weight loss. You need the right diet to get you there…one that you can stay on with little discipline because the food actually tastes good.

Positive thinking by itself just isn’t going to cut it … even if you use fancy words like “cognitive behavorial therapy” to describe what you’re doing.

The road to the gym is paved with good intentions…followed by a piece of chocolate cake as a reward for working out.

Although I can’t promise that you’ll get the same results, I’ve lost 33 pounds so far without sitting around chanting mantras, reciting affirmations, or reading a book on cognitive behavioral therapy. If you want to find out what has worked for me and then inform me.