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The Hallmark Signs and Symptoms of Blue Waffle Disease

Sexually transmitted diseases have come to be one of the worst diseases to ever shake the society these days. The numerous numbers of people who have been irresponsible in sexual practices have come to be the ones who are susceptible to this kind of infection. Blue waffle disease has joined the team of sexually transmitted diseases and had a serious threat on the health of individuals.

The term blue waffle is an easy description of the disease itself. Blue in the sense that it most distinguishing sign is the bluish discoloration of the labia of the female genitalia. Waffle in the sense that this term is used to describe the female organ of reproduction.

This will lead you to the first sign to tell that it is the disease that comes attacking – the bluish discoloration of the labia. The labia are the folds that cover the vagina itself. There are the labia majora at the outer line and the labia minora inside of it. These flaps are where the bluish patches are found. These circular patches may appear red during the first onset of the disease surrounded by bluish discoloration of the skin that comes as a result of poor blood flow on the area.

Aside from this obvious manifestation, a person may feel all itchy having these blue patches on the genitals. Itchiness may progress until such time that the activities of daily living of the person is affected. Expect extreme scratching as the patches fluids tend to give out such feeling that may be a sign that infection has set in.

Because of extreme scratching and severe bacterial invasion, a person may see the labia swelling. Swelling can be because of the friction that comes out of scratching or the body’s normal reaction to bacterial growth in the area. The area may be bloated with redness all over the genitalia and the surrounding skin area.

These manifestations are often distinctive of sexually transmitted diseases. What is worst is that the genitals may also give out yellowish fluids that may come to have a strong odor. This odorous liquid is a sign that there is really bacterial growth. Bad odor is always linked to bacteria anyway.

These are the hallmark manifestations of the blue waffle condition. Watch out for these manifestations because you might have this disease occurring in your organ just when you have no idea what you are feeling is all about.

Yet, why wait for these manifestations to occur before turning in the light way? Prevention is still the best arm that you could ever have towards completely preventing this disease from coming. If you will come to just see the disturbing photos of this disease, you will realize how important prevention is. But when it comes inevitable, take time to visit the nearest hospital once you are already experiencing the first signs of blue waffles. You will never know how far it can go so the best thing to do is to promptly act upon it.

Debate on Organic versus Conventional Produce

It’s obviously being used as nothing more than a marketing term.

All plant life is organic.

All plant fertilizers, whether labeled organic or not, contain the same raw “minerals/nutrients” in general, just in different concentrations, and some add more trace, or micro nutrients, or carbohydrates to speed up metabolic rates, ect. for a price.

NONE contain chemicals, as I’m sure it’s quite illegal to sell any sort under the guise of saying plants feed on them when they don’t and regulator administrations that are a must wouldn’t let that fly for anything to go onto the market.

I’m still looking into the regulation of labeling food organic since there is no such thing as an inorganic vegetable.

This is why recent testing has shown organic food to only contain less pesticides, and not none.
No matter what any plant is sprayed with, chemical or not, it is still defined as organic.

This is a big play for marketing from farmers, and quite frankly I don’t blame them, or think it’s that big a deal.

Aside from the fact we do need better regulation of the amounts of pesticides used(commercial farming is not considered profitable enough to be done without any spraying at all), and the distinction when labeled for sale.
There is no difference between what the plants feed on from one farm to another.

They’ll only feed on the same raw nutrients no matter what medium they are growing in much less location.
If they are not present they don’t grow well, if at all.

If it looks healthy it was grown well, if not look longer for one that does.:) Far as taste goes, remember where you get your tasties, it will vary from farm to farm, and be dictated by many many variables, just as wines do due to soil, as well as feeds, and even harvest production, and shipping techniques.

Otherwise there is no difference on a biological level.

Since sprayed or not the produce is still definable as organic, my opinion is that there is no legal way to regulate the use of it in relevance to what we want to know.

The pesticides are the big problem with our food supply, and the only real one it has IMO.
This can also be avoided by going small/local farming, grow your own, or start calling around to civil servants until the message of regulating pesticides better gets out, and followed through on.

This is a little scattered s far as writing, I’m sure, but the subject really does involve a lot from organic chem and biology to legalese around terms and uses of such terms ect.

Fight for less pesticides, shop local, and remember where you get your faves, is about all I can figure to do myself for now with commercial food.

Happy health all, and I hope some of this was of help to ppl.:)

See Through The Trees


Healthy decisions is about good information. All necessary information for optimum health is available for those who diligently seek. I have chosen to bring some of that information to you.

A good healthy decision starts with a desire to be healthy. In order to be healthy one must have access to information that tells us how to be healthy. A good example would be drinking poor or contaminated water. No matter how great your desire to be healthy was, if you would continue to drink contaminated water it would eventually have an adverse reaction in your body. The opposite of that would be to drink pure water. So that is what this is about. Taking care of your body. Good health starts with the basics. Proper nutrition, sleep, air, and water. The vitamins we take should be of premium quality and contrary to popular belief, ALL VITAMINS ARE NOT EQUAL. The food we eat should be free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to the extent that is possible. That in turn would make us chemical free. So we find out what our healthy choices are, make some healthy decisions from those healthy choices and that will start you down the path to nutritional fitness and medical wellness.

The amount of healthy sleep should be where when we get up in the morning we don’t feel worse than when we went to sleep. The air and water should be free of harmful chemicals and pollutants. These are the areas that need to be addressed before your optimum health level can be achieved.

If you think the food you eat and water you drink is good enough, don’t waste your time reading this.

But if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, your energy feels like its being sucked out of you, you don’t sleep well, you don’t feel well, and your tired of those energy freaks running around like they’re full of high octane, you will absolutely benefit from my labor. Good health to you.

So where do we go from here? We get right to the meat. In my research I have done my homework and I truly believe I am on to something so big but so simple. Most people will brush right past this and miss the biggest health tip and continue on their health decline. I want to say right here I am in no way giving medical advice. I have NO medical experience and this information is not designed to treat, diagnose, or cure anything. But I can promise you if you will study the way I did you will come to the same conclusions I did. WE CAN ACTUALLY PREVENT DISEASE AND SICKNESS. And again it all starts with a good healthy decision. I believe the single biggest cause of sickness and disease can be linked to a depleted immune system.

Get to know all the benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen consists of plant Pollen Collected worker Bees in conjunction with the nectar of plants and bees saliva. It Collected from Bees Laden with a Special device Placed at the Entrance to the Hive. The device is designed to brush the material from the feet of bees.

The pollen is considered to rejuvenate the body, stimulate organs and glands, enhance vitality, and to increase life expectancy. Alleged ability benefits of Bee pollen, so consistently and significantly improve energy levels and makes it a popular choice for many substances of world-class athletes and those interested in maintaining and improving the quality of work.

The benefits improved when it taken with other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino Acids. Health Benefits of such Pollen due to the fact that high concentrations of Vitamin B Complex and vitamins A, C, D and E.

Myricetin helps white blood cells to absorb the “bad” LDL cholesterol from the blood. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine-the right kind of pollen can be beneficial for your allergies! Rutin is best known as a remedy for varicose veins. Rutin protects veins throughout the body and may help prevent cancer as well. Your body uses trans-cinnamic acid to make their antibiotics, and is a powerful nutrient also powers detoxification processes in the liver.

The benefits are limitless. Every passing year there are several species and the need for the doctor’s bee pollen. Although there is no scientific evidence, the pollen benefits are far superior chemical alternatives in the treatment of disorders and diseases. Some of such pollen benefits in medicine, it is used to treat a wide range of medical problems.

Propolis is a resinous substance that bees collect from certain trees for the production of cement-like substance. Bees use it for building and repairing the hive, blocking invasions of fungi, bacteria and viruses. He also has beneficial effects on the human body. As an ointment or tincture are bactericidal effects and can be used to accelerate wound healing. When administered, it stimulates the immune and circulatory systems.

It benefits your body with a number of essential trace elements, it can not produce, but it needs to stay healthy. Those trace elements include iron, zinc, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium and potassium – all minerals that have proven health benefits.

It may also protect against wind allergens that cause hay fever and even asthma. Ulrich Van, MD, a Clinical Researcher University of Heidelberg Children from Germany, studied 70 children with hay fever and allergy-related asthma. He fed them the solution of pollen and honey bee on a daily basis during the annual period of hay fever, and three days weekly during the winter. Most children presented fewer symptoms after this treatment.

Vitamins and Nutrition

It contains 27 items, 18 of which are amino acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, PP, D, and vitamin K. Elements such as Iron, calcium, calculi, Phosphorus, folic acid, such Trace Elements, Manganese, chromium, zinc, iodine, and more. It is also rich in protein, which is very similar to proteins in the blood. It is Also Important to know That Such Pollen CAN be recreated not in the Laboratory.

Bee pollen is the Energy and nutrient Tonic in Chinese Medicine. Cultures around the world use it in a surprising number of applications: for improving endurance and vitality, extending longevity, helping recovery from chronic illness, adding weight during convalescence, reducing cravings and dependence, regulating the intestines, building new blood, preventing infectious diseases, such as cold and flue. This are part of benefits of this pollen.

Want help quitting smoking

Here is a letter from a reader:

I wish i could just quit smoking cigarettes. How can I do?

Here is my reply:

It sounds like you are having a surge of willpower right now. The best thing to do when you are in one of those states is to use it to change your environment. Use your energy right now to set up your surroundings so that it will be easier stay smoke free when your willpower isn’t as strong.

You are doing that by getting all the smoke stuff out of where you live. Now make a plan for the first 4 days of quitting. Try to think of all the situations where you normally smoke. Now plan to avoid those situations for the first 4 days. If you can’t avoid them, try to bring someone or something with you to those situations that will help you keep your intention.

For example, if you always smoke in your car. First, clean your car completely and make it feel like it is a new car – someone else’s car even. So that you feel a little uneasy about smoking in it. Then make a plan to listen to only the type of music while riding in your car that will either take your mind off smoking or give you the energy to not light up. Or make a plan of who you are going to call while you are riding in your car who will help you keep to your goal. Plan it out now so you don’t even have to think about it when the time comes.

Use your willpower right now to do this for every situation you can think of. And also feel good, knowing that we are pulling for you.

Here is how I think habitual things work and how to avoid it:

1-use post-its to warn you about not to smoke; put them everywhere; it really works.
2-Smoking is a habit but there is the biological part; so give yourself some time to get rid of the toxins, etc. It won’t be easy, but at the end you’ll feel purified.
3-I have friends who quit smoking, instantly, one of them is my lover; and one of them is a friend who hasn’t been smoking for 2 months; keep away from it.
4-As the post above says; make some changes in your environment; and purify your surroundings, use post-its!!!

Writing down your decisions really help; don’t forget; if you keep reminding yourself, your brain at last will accept it.

Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy Test

As with most modern approaches, pregnancy tests are going the digital way. One fine example of such progress is Clear Blue Easy. It’s an ace pregnancy test that affords you more ease and efficiency that what you may have been used to earlier. Many women are turning to this type of digital means to detect pregnancy, because it gives them a more sure-fire result than most other test-types.

Why is this relevant? Because of the existence of human error. There are so many women worldwide who make the blunder of misreading a pregnancy tests. Don’t go pointing fingers, because many of these women are quite well educated.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, being a mere human error of judgment. However, when such mistakes cross the border and enter pregnancy issues, you can’t afford to go wrong. This is the primary goal why something like the Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test came to be created.

In a nutshell, there’s no more need for you to decipher what the lines mean. The advanced digi-display on one end of the instrument distinctly mentions, in words, if you’re pregnant or not. From the day you expected your period but found no corroboration to ease your mind, these tests have proven their accuracy 99% of the time. It’s a one-step test and you get to see results in 3 minutes tops.

What more can a woman ask for in the field of pregnancy tests? Heading into more detail, let’s learn more about this ingenious creation.

One of the main causes why you may test negative or false positive on a pregnancy test is because you were too early in trying to test. Your ‘pregnancy hormone’, the human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG), may not have reached sufficient levels for detection and you have an anxiety problem in your hands.

With the Clear Blue, however, you can stop worrying about that because it’s so sensitive it can be used up to 5 days in advance of you missing your usual period, cutting risks of miscalculation due to early testing. Many a woman misses the correct test-date, because it’s not always easy to know when hCG levels have upped to the appropriate level in your urine.

This means you’re open to making a mistake when testing too early. As you’ve just read, Clear Blue takes care of this problem and you have a 5-day ‘grace period’, so to speak, to cover this risk.

Why hCG? If you’re in the dark about why this hormone is the one being focused on for detection, it’s only because it’s secreted in large quantities, on time when you get pregnant, and can be detected in the urine. This makes it an ideal ‘marker’ to confirm if you’re pregnant or not.

How can Clear Blue boast the 99% accuracy claim? No other pregnancy test can boast this, so your concern in this case is well-rooted. The Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test has proven in real-life that it works so well. That’s as simple as this answer can practically get.

Tonsillitis- an Infection of Part of Your Immune System

Back in the day, when a child developed a case of tonsillitis, or an inflammation of the tonsils caused by a viral or bacterial infection, the treatment was simple; they came out. Fast forward to the present time and you will find doctors reluctant to treat tonsillitis by removing the culprits, opting instead to treat the tonsils for the infections. The advancement in antibiotics has enabled physicians to treat tonsillitis differently, as the tonsils are parts of a child’s immune system.

Tonsils are two small groups of tissue located on either side of the throat, embedded in the side of the roof of the mouth. The lower edge of your tonsils is besides the tongue, in the back of the throat. Composed mostly of lymphoid tissue, the tonsils filter harmful bacteria and virus that can precipitate infections in the body. Tonsillitis occurs when your tonsils become infected by some of these organisms, causing symptoms such as fever and chills, a bad sore throat, trouble and pain swallowing, headaches, and potential loss of voice. Tonsillitis makes your tonsils enlarged and red, and there may be white patches on it as well. The lymph nodes in the jaws and neck may become enlarged as they try to filter out the infection. The bacteria that enter your nose and mouth are often filtered out by the tonsils, which surround the offending bacteria with white blood cells. The result is a low grade infection of tonsils. However, it can be completely overwhelmed by some of these infections, and the resulting tonsillitis is often caused by either the virus that is responsible for mononucleosis or the one that causes strep throat.

Tonsillitis can now be treated differently than a couple decades ago because of better antibiotics. Tonsillitis caused by a viral infection is often allowed to run its course. It may take as long as two weeks, but the patient is urged to simply get plenty of rest and drink warm liquids such as broth, soup, and tea. Gargling with warm water is advised and such medications as Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol are given to relieve pain symptoms. Bacterial tonsillitis is treated as a horse of a different color, with more aggressive antibiotics used for at least a week and a half. Your doctor will stress the importance of taking the medicine for the full course of the prescription, to avoid the chance of the infection returning.

A tonsillectomy is necessary nowadays only under certain conditions. The most common reason for taking tonsils out is that they become so enlarged that they interfere with a child’s ability to breathe. Severe snoring can be one result of enlarged tonsils, as can sleep apnea, where the child’s breathing while asleep is blocked by the tonsils. Chronic tonsillitis also will get it removed eventually; seven episodes of tonsillitis in a year or five a year over a two year period is usually the limit a doctor will let the child endure before having tonsils removed. A form of tonsillitis known as chronic cryptic tonsillitis develops when a terrible smelling, white composition of bacteria and dead cells becomes impacted in the pockets of the tonsils. This can cause a sore throat, and the physician may eventually opt to remove the tonsils.

The removal of tonsils is most often done on an outpatient basis, and can even be accomplished with just a local anesthesia in the affected region and sedation. The throat will be sore after the surgery is performed, and ear pain is another possibility. The child will be given something cold such as ice cream, frozen pops, or ice cubes to soothe the soreness in the throat. While recovering, the child will be more susceptible than normal to infections, and will be made to avoid exposure to anyone who is ill. Any bleeding in the mouth will need to be immediately brought to the attention of your doctor.

Although adults can develop tonsillitis, the vast bulk of cases are in children, most of those in kids that are from six to age twelve. Frequent hand washing is the best way to prevent tonsillitis, but good luck with your kids on that one. The removal of one’s tonsils has no ill effects on the immune system, and there are literally millions of adults walking around without theirs. But as medical science further studies the role of your tonsils, they may eventually be revealed as more important than we think.

Losing Weight with Mirena IUD

One major Mirena side effect is excessive weight gain. Like most IUD’s, weight gain is an effect that the hormones have on the body. This is uncontrollable if one does not exercise and eat properly. A proper diet and weight training regime is necessary to keep your body health. There are various weight loss supplements out there that provide individuals with a boost. The weight loss market in the United States is filled with companies claiming to help women lose weight when all it does is make your body weaker and more prone to injuries with Mirena IUD. I will explain a few companies that I use:


Good 5 step plan to losing weight

Medifast is another strong service for everyone (men and women). It leaves users with excessive fat that at times can be hard to lose due to family work, and lifestyle commitments. Medifast weight loss diet provides a 5-step plan for people where you choose the plan, support system, food, and how you want to go about it. It will cater to your needs and provide everything to your doorstep. I have personally used Medifast and upon following the plan I was able to lose over 10 pounds in 2 months. I am able to track my progress online, which allows my “online trainer” from Medifast to help me stay on track and provide advice. I believe it to be a strong weight loss program that you should try. I rank Medifast a 5/5.


Great weight loss plans with food delivery

BistroMD is good because they provide you with a personalized weight loss plan to cater to your needs. Every person is different and so are his or her bodies. Using general weight loss plans found online will only hurt you in the long run because it was made to be used by a specific individual. It works with you to provide a good strong plan that if followed will guarantee results. Once the plan is ready, they provide you with the food that you need to eat. Now I have tried many of these services claiming to provide great food and turns out it does not taste very good. BistroMD’s food is delicious and I recommend anyone with Mirena IUD to try the company. I give BistroMD a 4.5/5.

I have listed two services above that will provide you a strong plan that can help you succeed in losing weight. Once again, these services will work if you are motivated to do follow the plans to the best of your abilities. Exercise is a necessary component in losing the weight gained by Mirena. Jogging and weight training are a few examples to the type of exercise that are possible. Other possibilities incorporate sports, swimming, and treadmills. Try out the services about and see what they can do for you. Also the images above of the companies will provide you with the latest deal such as free shipping, coupons, and discounts.

How To Make A Girl Climax

Finding out how to make a girl climax is sometimes quite hard. But there are a few things you should keep in mind that may help you. To make a girl climax or finger yourself is not like an Olympic event where you have to race to it or do extraordinary sexual positions worthy of gymnastics; it’s not about switching positions every few minutes hoping to get a run through the whole Kama sutra in one evening.

It would be difficult for a woman to climax if she feels like a pretzel or a pancake being flipped around. What you need is constant stimulation in a steady pace as not to lose momentum. Not just any type of stimulation, mind you, it has to be the right kind. If you keep on stimulating her and your not hitting the spot or giving the right pressure, you can be doing that for a long time and she will end up just faking an orgasm just to get it over with.

When learning how to make a girl climax, its important to study the female genitalia and its hot spots. Study the female brain and how it wired to think about sex. Know that unlike men, women needs more than just sex to actually climax; she needs romance, affection and a lot of passion.

A woman needs to be “in the mood” in order to reach orgasm, if a woman is tired or stressed, it would be hard for her to feel sexy and be aroused much less reach climax. She cannot be turned on like an electronic gadget, like a little spark of flame; she needs to be stoked in order for you to get that blazing fire; but how exactly to stoke the fire would be the question in most men’s minds.

If you are one of the men out there who feel so inadequate because you have not been satisfying her and are now afraid to try out things with her, know that there is an answer to your woes. Download “Lick by Lick” by sex and relationship expert Michael Webb and learn what you need to know about female sexuality and how to satisfy a female’s sexual wants. Learn how to perform foreplay expertly and never again hear “ouch, that hurts!”, and bring her to orgasm every time and have her beg for more. Lick by Lick will go into extensive detail on how to eat a woman out with skill and passion so as to make the classic excuse: “Not tonight, I’m tired” a thing of the past.

ARV Function

ARV Function – Antiretrovirals (ARVs) act at the level of the enzyme reverse transcriptase, integrase and protease are at the core of HIV.

Currently, antiretroviral treatment includes a combination of three or four drugs of the same or different mechanism of action.

The most used are the reverse transcriptase inhibitors among which is the AZT (zidovudine), Videx (Didanosine), Epivir (lamivudine), Viramune (nevirapine), Stocrin (Efavirenz) among others.

Transcriptase Inhibitors
These are drugs that inhibit the action of HIV reverse transcriptase enzyme, ie above do not allow it to become viral RNA into DNA thus preventing HIV replication.

Other medications such as Inhibiting Protease
These are drugs that act at the end of the viral replication by inhibiting the function of the HIV protease enzyme, resulting in the HIV replication in defective versions unable to infect other cells. Among these are: Agenerase (amprenavir) and Kaletra (lopinavir plus ritonavir).

As of August 2005 in Honduras are about 3,200 people on ART according to the Ministry of Health of Honduras, who has the capacity to treat 4,000 people.

Why give antiretroviral therapy ARV commonly called?
Treatment should be given to avoid further multiplying or reproducing HIV, avoid the appearance of opportunistic infections, restore or preserve immune function.

These drugs have side effects that cause much discomfort who take them, sometimes causing the abandonment of treatment.

The person should remember that these side effects occur while your body adjusts to these medications and therefore should not abandon the drugs.

The most common complaints that can be felt when taking ARVs are:
* Nausea and vomiting
* Heartburn
* Insomnia and nightmares
* Diarrhea
* Headache